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why I think everyone should fast (not for weight loss)

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Have you ever tried a fast?

If your answer yes, was it for weight loss or a spiritual purpose? I am doing the Daniel Fast starting Jan 6, 2020 for the next 21 days. It is a spiritual fast where you only consume plant-based foods. Which means no meat, dairy, or white grains. Additional restrictions are no alcohol, no caffeine, no sweeteners, chemicals, or solid fats. Only drink allowed is water.

Before you continue reading assuming this is for weight loss. The Daniel Fast like any other kind of spiritual fast, it is NOT about the food and losing weight. Yes you are limited to consuming certain kinds of food. But the act of denying your body many cravings we have trained our taste buds to love (sweet tooth over here)…can bring your mind and body to submission for a spiritual purpose or goal.

You can have a goal for God to reveal something to you. To gain wisdom and clarity on a major life altering decision. To gain self control over how you treat your body. Or you feel like you have lost your path, and fasting can help put you back on track.

I personally am using this fast to build mental discipline and strengthen my prayer walk. My word for 2020 is DISCIPLINE. When you have discipline, you have self control. And the way my 2020 is set up…I am manifesting abundance, love, and big dreams. And with blessings come the real work to maintain them.

I’ve done this fast multiple times in the beginning of the year with my church in Arizona. But have added eggs or fish because of my weight training regimen. The goal this year is to do the fast without animal protein. Wish me luck 🙂

This fast is not for everyone. But I encourage people to try denying their body something for a period of time. Not to say we can’t enjoy the many pleasures in life. But when certain pleasures block personal growth, who is really in control? It doesn’t have to be a fast as extreme as the Daniel Fast, but you could fast from social media, sex, weed, television, video games, anything that you find consumes a lot of your free time. ‘

Free time that could be spent building the life you want.

Now use that earned time to gain back control in certain areas of your life. What or who needs more of your attention? Is it your family, your health, your significant other, or yourself?

I hope this sheds light on why some people fast and why it’s not always about the food. Let me know if you plan to try one this month. Even if it’s for 5 days. You’ll notice a shift in how you go about your day.

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  1. Arlette Willis says:

    Sooo it’s AMAZING how connected you & I are.
    I’d planned to start my fast on the 6th, but Mark took me away for a surprise get away.
    We go home tomorrow, so I will shop for the fast.
    I start my fast on Wednesday the 8th.
    The great thing about it is, not even knowing my plan, Mark said for the rest of the month I wanna just try fruits & vegetables😳…I’m like WTH you do w/my husband😂!!! The month of November he went without meat except a little on Thanksgiving!
    I never push my way of eating on him or my family, but being a living example has been more powerful & influential than anything I could say!
    So YES I am Fasting too!
    My 5 Actionable words for this year are:
    I really love how often we are on the same page.
    Thank you for just being you, living your purpose w/ truth & authenticity!
    I am excited for you!

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