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Meet Chioma

I know there are many blogs and platforms that are based around health and wellness, so I am thankful you came across mine. I am Nigerian American, raised in Union City, CA. I moved to Phoenix, Arizona which became my second home before recently moving to Kansas City, Missouri. I hold a bachelor’s degree in nutritional sciences, and love teaching people about mindful habits.

Before I became fascinated by the complexities of food and the body. Growing up, exercise was always the focus. I played soccer, volleyball and ran track competitively. I was fit and healthy, so I thought…But suffered from chronic allergies, fatigue, constant injuries, debilitating migraines, low self-esteem, and yo-yo dieting, well into my early years of college. I thought that was normal or the price to pay for being an athlete. It wasn’t until I discovered a large tumor in my breast (that was thankfully benign) that shifted my perspective on what healthy living looked like. Food became my medicine, and in combination with exercise, meditation, and learning to love and respect the body God gave me, the symptoms started to go away.

Now I’m not saying what worked for me will work for you. But I believe healthy looks and feels different to everyone. The decisions we make every day about our food, mental health, and physical activity can alter our genetics and how we exist on this Earth. Mindful Appetite will be a space where I will share information and tools to help you live a healthier lifestyle. And hopefully encourage you to take action and ownership about your health so you can go on and inspire those around you. You will find recipes for meat eaters and non-meat eaters, workout tips, meditation recommendations, and reviews on products I’ve tested.

When I’m not testing out recipes or products, you can find me practicing my headstand and handstands, frequenting local coffee shops (black coffee is my jam), wine tasting, taking random road trips, or people watching at your local park or museum.

Check out my first blog post here.



Is your food causing inflammation? Download my free anti-inflammation grocery list to learn more.


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Health looks different on everybody. Discover what health looks like for you.


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