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I am a wellness educator, career consultant, and I also work in corporate America. I'm based in Kansas City, Missouri and Phoenix, Arizona.  I share wellness tips and career advice. It all started when I stopped playing competitive sports and paved a way for myself to work in the professional sports industry. But after experiencing burnout and health issues, I received my degree in nutritional sciences and studied African and Eastern wellness practices to help heal my body and boost energy naturally. This has helped me thrive not only in my corporate career, but in my business. Now I aspire to help others learn how to prioritize their wellness.

I've worked in the sports industry for 13 years and have been running my wellness business for 5 years. What both industries have taught me is that we can all do a little better to take care of our well-being. Whether you are just entering the workforce or consider yourself an experienced worker, I believe how we are working today is leading us to poor health. Poor health impacts every aspect of our lives. Spiritually, financially, physically, relationally, emotionally, and mentally. But it's not all doom and gloom. I'm here to simple tips and philosophies to help others feel empowered to live well again. 

What drives me to share what I Learn? 


SPeaking Engagements

I host webinars and workshops on the topics of wellness, women in sports empowerment, and career development.

Signature Topics 

Simple Health & Wellness for Women
Mindful Habits to Combat Burnout
Creating a Personal Brand
Using Sports to Drive Social Change
I work with you over a 3 month or 6 month time frame. Together we work on

Improving your relationship with food
Identifying habits that no longer serve you and create new ones. 
Identify nourishing foods to fit your lifestyle and goals. 
Identifying movements and exercises to improve mobility and muscle strength

1:1 Wellness Coaching

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