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Life is hard enough on it's own. Let's work on how you can thrive again by having someone in your corner helping you own and embrace the person you were always meant to be!


i can help because i've been ther...

not anymore!

Five years ago, I was sick, broke, and burnout was my middle name.

As a former athlete and busy body, I never had to worry about WHAT kind of food I was eating. I was burning so much energy, the focus was always on quantity, not quality.

Then all of sudden, I was not able to play and my identity as an athlete was taken away from me. My body changed and for the first time I felt like I was not in control. And as a recovering people pleaser, I started taking care of everyone else but myself. And my health continued to decline.

When YOU are unwell, it makes it harder to be mindful of what you eat, how you react, how you manage stress, and how you show compassion to others. Being unwell triggers autopilot and we immediately go into survival mode which is a heightened state of stress that your body can't thrive in.

I believe when we create the space to listen to our body, respond, and pay attention to what it needs. We can begin the healing process, and show up as our most authentic selves.

The results


Improve your relationship with food and eat without the guilt and shame

establish a morning routine so you feel confident at the start of your day

identify habits that are no longer serving you

identify nourishing foods you can eat that make you feel satisfied

discover movements and exercises that celebrate your body not punish it


"I have lived most of my life with an unhealthy relationship with food and struggles with depression. In the summer of 2020, food was controlling my life more than ever. I had lots of self hatred and desperately wanted to lose weight. Chioma’s voice on Instagram resonated with me and inspired me to ask her for help."

We started with the power of a morning routine. Morning movement. Morning reflection. Morning clarity. I began setting an early alarm to enjoy the simple silence in my house. I reflected on gratitude. What am I proud of? What will I focus on today? And one of the most powerful questions, what have I done for me?

We talked about what I was eating. Logging my food wasn’t just about writing down what I ate. What was happening when I chose to eat? What emotions was I feeling? Was my meal satisfying? Did it give me energy?

Emotional eating has always been such a vague statement to me. Chioma brought it to life. I learned how to be thoughtful and mindful when eating. All of the questions she asked changed my relationship with food. I learned and am continuing to focus on how food makes me feel.

Chioma reviewed how I answered my morning questions, as well as my food and movement log and incorporated my experiences and feelings into our weekly coaching sessions. She asked questions, shared her wisdom, and in the end helped me create a toolbox of ways to weave wellness into my day.

- Leigh K.


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